As of June 1, 2014 the Northwest Area office phone number is 816-528-4400.  This number rings in Jan's office in the Lathrop Christian Church and on weekends is forwarded to Bill Rose-Heim's cell phone. 

Since Bill works from a home office the direct number to reach him is 816-632-6638 or you can call Bill's cell phone 816-617-7020.

The email address will remain the same: nwareacc(at) or br_h(at)




Webinars from Lexington Theological Seminary

You may participate either on campus ($15) or online ($10) by registering on the seminary's website ( or by contacting Dr. Bill Turner at 859-280-1253 or  
Log-in instructions for online participants will be sent upon your registration.  AND, once you've paid your $10 fee, you are welcome to gather a group of church members or friends to join you - at no extra cost!
Don't miss this exciting opportunity to learn and grow! 
Please click here for information on Renewing Worship webinar Saturday, September 6, 2014: 1:30-3:30 PM.  

Please click here for information on teaching Sunday School webinar Saturday, October 11, 2014: 1:30-3:30 PM. 



Directory of NW Area Churches and Ministers

Please click here for the latest contact information for the Northwest Area's churches and ministers - updated July 2014.  



Christian Ministries Scholarship Fund (CMSF)

Please click here for printable scholarship information updated August 14, 2014. 



Formerly Missouri School of Religion
2014 Certificate in Pastoral Ministry Courses
Please click here for schedule. 




Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Mid-America


Center for Lifelong Learning

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To volunteer to be part of one of the volunteer work crews preparing for or responding to disasters or service opportunities, click here!  We will organize crews once we have sufficent adult volunteeers or send volunteer information to congregations that are organizing crews. 

Updates on disasters within Missouri (with information about how to volunteer or get help):  No access to the Internet?  Dial 2.1.1. - a one stop information and referral center for survivors and those who love them.  To learn more: 

National Weather Service, river levels:


Ministry Opportunities

Burlington Junction First Christian Church - Full-time Pastor

Martinsville FCC - Full-time Pastor

Mound City FCC - Full-time Pastor

Plattsburg First Christian Church - Interim Pastor 

Trenton First Christian Church - Full-time Pastor

All candidates for full-time pastorates should be enrolled in the Disciples of Christ Search and Call system.

Contact the NW Area office at 816.632.2237 or send email for more information or referrals. 


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